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                  "Cut your manufacturing costs ...

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Our unique approach to outsourcing is both ethical - and rewarding on a commercial level. If you work with us, we'll help you with shorter lead-times, better quality, and more control than you might expect from an outsourcing project.

Our services are 100% confidential, but we need your input to guarantee success, and so signing an NDA is typical so that we can discuss all aspects of our unique outsourcing solutions openly from the start. For a copy of the NDA, please use the contact form.  
                                                 "Outsourcing that tick all the boxes..."
We have a great deal of experience of outsourcing manufacturing processes, whether that be in the UK, Europe or the wider world. Product assembly, sheet metal work, welding, pipe-bending, component assembly, metal pipe precision cutting, sheet metal precusion cutting and bending ... we have hands-on pactical experience. We have visited the factories that we have personally made use of, and travelled to the countries that offer the best outsourcing opportunities. 





If you are like our other clients, you'll want to save on UK labour costs - whilst keeping the quality of your products the same. That we can help with.

A great many British companies have toyed with the idea of outsourcing, a few have tried the processs, and a few have come unstuck and suffered losses whilst trying to use overseas manufacturers as sub-contractors. This we can help with; let us handle the headaches for you.

Those areas of manufacturing and assembly that lend themselves to outsourcing are :-

  • General metal work
  • Sheet metal work
  • Sheet metal cutting
  • Pipe Bending
  • Pipe cutting
  • Welding / cutting
  • Assembly of basic items

The manufacture, assembly and testing of basic metal products lends itself to outsourcing. Example, a sack truck. The metal pipe could be secured from a local source, the pipe bending handled, the cutting and welding handled, the assemmbly of the wheels/castors handled, the product tested and shipped.

Such products are labour intensive, but the skill level is not vey high. Outsourced labourers can hanble this type of work well enough.





The benefits of outsourcing some or all of your manufacturing processes are :-

1. It can help save you money

Unit costs go down as the quantities being produced rise, and such an "economy of scale" can be better handled through outsourcing, since there are no set-up costs, no factory overheads, no planning permission for new premises, no staff or union worries, no labourious recruitment process.

There are also no capital costs; the large and expensive machinery needed is already sat in place.

2. It can help to share risk

If all of your manufacturing is in one particular factory then a labour dispute will close all of your production. Likewise, a problem with electrical supply, water supply or fire damage at the factory will shut down production. If you have several factories making products for you then you cannot be hit by these problems.

3. It can help with peak loads

Peaks and troughs are the bane of every managers life. If you suddenly land a good order then you need extra staff,and those staff cannot simply be hired and fired. By outsourcing you can turn the tap on and off when you need it, and increase or decrease production to suit with any employment law issues.

You may also have a large order than will not be repeated. It is not worth hiring extra staff to cope with a one-off project.

4. It can keep your internal staff happy

If you outsource the low-tech elements of productions and assembly, then the core staff have more skilled and interesting work to do, and may be happier in the working lives as a result.



Cheap labour

The question that every asks is - can cheap labour work for us? Can unskilled or semi-skilled workers really do the work required of them? The answer is yes, they can, and they can often do it better than your existing workers.

The skill levels of outsourced staff are typically very high these days, easily as good as your internal staff, and in some cases a whole lot better. You should not consider the staff skill levels as a problem, it is a case of matching the skills the required task.

Although the sub-contracts can vary in competence, you are unlikely to have quality issues once procedures have been put in place to test the finished item(s). That may require your staff training the quality inspectors so that they can do the work themselves.

Unit labour costs

This is often an odd topic, since many people are attracted by the low unit costs of out-sourced labour. But when you outsource a manufacturing or assembly process there will be material costs (which are lower), transport costs not found in the UK, and a magic number made up by the factory doing the work, and that magic numer is negotiable. When considering low labour units costs you have to consider the unit cost of producing a finished item, not the breakdown.

It would be wise not to even ask the outsourcing agent what the unit cost of labour is, since it is largely irrelevant.



The next step

If you wish to cut you labour and manufacturing costs, please get in touch and we can see how we can help you.


Please indicate the nature of your manufacturing process, what materials need pre-casting or cutting, what compenents need assembling, finishing and testing.    




Outsourcing to China:

"After 20 years of providing outsourcing from the buyer, provider and advisor roles, I recently had the opportunity to visit China and see how China is positioned in the outsourcing space. The easiest comparison is to compare China to India. in our opinion China is positioned where India was in 1995. If China applies itself it can catch if not pass India by 2015 or certainly no later than 2020. The question is how China gets there and is there enough will power and knowledge to overcome the challenges outlined below. I was taken by the people of China and the potential opportunity."



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